Gilles Internationale Spedition: Fuhrpark

Engine of the economy

Safety and security

In addition to our primary objective – the fast and reliable transport of your goods – we focus on ensuring the necessary safety and security in every one of our work processes. In order to demonstrate this to the outside world, we have commissioned an independent expert in the industry, the Janz Akademie, to carry out a corresponding fleet check with regard to "legal compliance in logistics".

The following criteria are assessed in detail during this audit:

  • Permit / contract law
  • Fleet technology
  • Cargo securing
  • Organisation
  • Social regulations
  • Outsourcing

The result: Since we started contracting the company in 2015, Gilles Internationale Spedition GmbH & Co. KG has passed every test so far with flying colours. This means that both we and our customers are always on the safe side.

Further information on the contents and the exact procedure can be found herehier (PDF-Download), provided by the Janz Akademie in Dornstadt.